Dr. Brett Wohler, a Truly Outstanding Physician

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| March, 23 2023 | for Brett A. Wohler, MD
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Dr. Wohler has been my physician for about 30 years. When he converted to the MDVIP system, there was no question that I would join MDVIP to keep him has my physician. Although I am retired and this is an expense each year, it has to be a priority -- if you don't have your health, you can't help yourself or others, and in my opinion, Dr. Wohler and MDVIP have played and continue to play, a signigicant role in my staying as healthy as possible with hereditary and aging underlying diseases. I am able to be active and do the things I need to do and that I enjoy. I am 75 years old.
If there is a truly exceptional, outstanding physician - Dr. Wohler is that. I can't find sufficient superlatives to describe his medical care over all these years. He is so attentive, listens to concerns, stays current on medical news/developments, discusses problems and treatments, and is a "partner" in some respects in medical care because he does listen and works with me for solutions/treatments.
With MDVIP he has been so immediately available every time I have had a problem. I have gotten appointments quickly, don't have to wait in the waiting room, and he responds to emails very quickly -- and has done, even when he has been on vacations . . . that is duty "above and beyond."
And when you are there for an appointment, he never rushes you and you feel like you have his complete attention and concentration.
He has been there for me when I have landed in the Emergency Department and has been in contact with hospital doctors regarding my care. This was especially helpful last year when I was admitted for a heart block and ended up with a pacemaker. He was there for me and that meant everything.
I also am grateful that he is in the MDVIP system that allows physicians to have this kind of medical care for patients and a bit "kinder" atmosphere for physicians who are under such stress and pressure at times. Dr. Wohler cares for his patients -- and this is so difficult for physicians -- as they are vulnerable to potentially sharing pain and sorrow when there are serious issues -- more difficult stress for a physician.
I feel extremely blessed to have Dr. Wohler as my physician. I do trust him with my life . . .