Dr Chaconas changed my life for the better.

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| August, 4 2019 | for George Chaconas, MD, FNLA

Dr Chaconas changed my life for the better. On first complete physical, he found I had a hereditary cholesterol risk factor, that was quite serious. I'm sure I will live much longer now with his help. I can't put a price on the quality of care I have been given. I would pay 5 times as much for this level of care. When I had a problem he listened to me , and my symptoms, and didn't dismiss me like my past Dr. would have. He ran the correct test and found out what was wrong with me, much to my relief. The ability to call him and have a problem solved or a medicine changed in five minutes is priceless. He is open minded and not dismissive of info his patients might have read on the internet. A smart, caring Dr. who is no pushover, urging his patients to do what is best for them, even when they question it. I'm so grateful I found Dr. Chaconas and he is here at SML.