Dr. Edward DeBoard: Fantastic Help!

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| March, 25 2020 | for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Just wanted to share my experience having Dr. Deboard as my primary physician for over thirty years. The last couple of incident required his help as I was scheduled to fly to Kauai for a surprise birthday party for my brother in law over the weekend and prior to flying over on a Friday I came down with a fever which I therefore went into the hospital for about two hours prior to my flight leaving Molokai. My temperature subsided I was fine and went to Kauai. While stopping over on Kauai I started to get the fever again and continued on to Kauai. On my arrival to Kauai my wife contacted Dr. Deboard and explained what was happening to me and he recommended lot of liquids and Tylenol which help me over the weekend but I still wasn't able to attend the Surprise birthday Party. So I stayed for the weekend and flew back home with my temperature going up and down and having diarrhea. Dr. Deboard recommended I get a stool sample at the hospital so he can see the results of the sample. He found that I had an intestinal infection from eating bad food on a day prior to flying to Kauai. He treated the infection and I was able to return to work.

On another occasion as I was scheduled to fly to Arizona for a wedding I started off with a cold which the local hospital treated as they were aware that I was going to fly out to the mainland during the week. While I was at Arizona I was having the usual symptoms of the cold coughing and running nose. How ever during that day when we arrived at the house where my family and I stayed I had an incident of syncope ( Which at the time I did not know) My wife was slapping me in the face trying to wake me. I had lost consciousness for 3-5 seconds. During the days that I was in Arizona I had 5 occurrences, I called Dr. DeBoard and he explained what I was having and recommended I check myself in to emergency. I spent three days doing test MRI, EKG, EEG and consultations with different doctors. All the test turned out negative. After I was dismissed from the hospital I did not have any more occurrences until I was home. During the time I was dismissed from the hospital and flew home to Hawaii I was in contact with Dr.Deboard. When I
arrived at home he placed me on another medication as I still had the cold and was still having three syncope issues at home the last was on January 10, 2019. During the time I stayed at home to recover I began to Have another issue. It started with a pain in my back and ended with pimple-like skin inflammation. I took pictures of my arm and sent it to Dr. Deboard and he returned my call and told me I had shingles. So he treated me for shingles. In the end Dr. DeBoard was treating me for the flu, syncope and the shingles at the same time which I was very thankful for not only me but also my wife who was also having stress at the same time because of what I was going through so she was have rash reactions on her body. I sincerely want to thank Dr. Deboard for the fantastic help he was providing without me having to go into his office to be treated while I was traveling to another island or to the mainland. This is my amazing story of Dr. Deboards help that I truly wanted to share. Thank you Dr. Deboard!!!