Dr. Emhoff helped us begin our 'wellness' life long

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| March, 24 2018 | for Leslie S. Emhof, MD

Dr. Emhoff has been our family doctor for many years. Not only has he been our physician, he and his wife have also been family friends for several years. Their family has always been an inspiration to my wife and I - simply amazing.

Dr. Emhoff helped us begin our 'wellness' life long before it was the popular route for physicians. During our time of having the privilege of calling him our doctor he has helped us during some quite challenging health issues, not only with his expert knowledge but also his compassion.

When Dr. Emhoff shares his insight and advice it seems that his frontline research and health study has been only for my wife and I. Though that may sound selfish, I believe all of his patients share in the benefit of his extensive research and personalized advice.

Thanks Dr. E! You are a treasure!