Dr Feldan saves the day!

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| March, 10 2024 | for Paul Feldan, MD
Image provided by: Doshia

While prepping for a colonoscopy I became dizzy n fell on my face heading to the bathroom. Knowing we should go to the ER, I remembered Dr Feldan (I had recently joined MD VIP). Upon calling, the office said to come right over! By now, the rt side of my face was a kaleidoscope of blue n purple. He examined me, looked at my eyes and said he wanted a catscan. His office arranged for me to go right into the imaging center and have it done! By the time I arrived back home, Dr Feldan was calling me with good news… no fracture or concussion! Had I gone to the ER ….. I would still be sitting there!
So grateful to have found MDVIP and my amazing Dr Feldan.