Dr. Friedman an outstanding doctor

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| March, 10 2020 | for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

I have many chronic problems and generally have needed expert care my entire life. Dr. Friedman has been my physician for 16years and during that time I have always felt I got the best of care from a man who listens, thinks, tests, thinks again and then provides an expert diagnosis and either begins treatment immediately or gets me to an expert who does. I have every confidence in him and feel secure in the knowledge that I have a partner in assuring my well-being. I assume there is real value in his association with MDVIP but frankly I have always gotten this excellent care before and after the practice became affiliated with MDVIP. I don not agree with the Terms and conditions set forth by MDVIP, I only checked the box because I could not submit anything if the box was not checked. Just another example of why I am not overly impressed with MDVIP but hold Dr. Friedman in the highest regard.