Dr. Friedman Thank you for never giving up on me

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| March, 19 2020 | for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

From the moment I met Dr. Friedman I knew I was in good hands. After a good physical, never had one so complete, confirming my COPD, but also asthma, finding high blood pressure, and thyroid goiter. Confirmed my heart murmur . From that visit forward he has taken the time to listen and act on problems that have risen since my first visit. The most memorable and recent problem he found, anemia, sending me to the hospital where it was confirmed I was bleeding internally and treatment provided, upon release Dr. Friedman called me to make sure I was ok and make an appointment for the next day so he could make sure. I revealed a family history of my father bleeding to death. After several blood tests and another anemia hospital stay Dr. Friedman discovered an M protein, working with Hematology dept. at the hospital a diagnosis has been revealed. If it wasn't for Dr. Friedman's persistent and diligent research and blood draws I wouldn't know what is wrong. I can't say thank you enough for the outstanding care you provide. I couldn't have picked a better Doctor!