Dr Heinegg and his staff are particularly calming, caring

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| March, 9 2018 | for Philip C. Heinegg, MD

Dr Heinegg and his staff are particularly calming, caring, responsive, innovative, attentive, knowledgeable, and personable.

A couple years ago we attended a granddaughters first birthday party at a beautiful waterside restaurant which we would have been crushed to miss. As we arrived there was an eye issue. Could not reach eye dr. Called Dr H who returned call almost immediately and he calmed anxiety by explaining what was the common happening ( not common to us of course) so we were able to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the party and granddaughters antics. We later reached eye dr who confirmed what Dr Heinegg had explained.

Cant leave this at just one story.

Dr Heinegg has a great sense of humor and we joke about my lists. ( When I come to office I frequently with a list of questions or symptoms). He is very attentive in addressing them all, educating me in process.

He personally calls to discuss test results and checks up on me when important. Recently I had flu and he told me what was happening - again calming anxiety- and I ultimately did not go to hospital which would not have been the best place for me. I went instead for X-ray and to his office which was much less stressful.

And office staff are special too - like to mention a couple of thoughts in this regard. These are folks I have most exposure to as well..
Carolyn and Natalie have both gone out of their way ( on own time a couple of times) to assure I got what I needed. And they effectively take care of my administrative needs. Regina is great assistant who also is caring and attentive. She also seeks to explain details to me in her areas of expertise. And always makes me feel like a special patient. Mordeckai has been extremely helpful on the two occasions Ive seen him. Seems quite knowledgeable as well.

Thanks to Dr Heinegg who has changed the way I think about primary care doctors and his staff who are terrific also. Much appreciation!