Dr. Hinderer Understands Me

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| August, 4 2020 | for Kathryn Hinderer, DO

I should have never changed doctors. I had been with Dr. Hinderer for at least nine years and was scared off by this new program. Dr. Hinderer recommended a different female doctor but it wasn’t a good fit. I was also not sure my husband would pay for me to be in this program. I’m glad I’m back and looking forward to seeing Dr. Hinderer again. I’m hoping she can help me find an alternative way to get me off a couple of medications that I’ve been on for a very long time and figure out a way to rest at night and get a good nights sleep without them. I have right frontal lobe brain damage from an auto accident in 2010 so remembering things and finding what I want or need to say gets very difficult often. My memory isn’t the greatest anyways nowadays. So glad I’m back under Dr. Hinderer’s care. I have just joined this program so I can only rate the doctor not the program.