Dr. Jackie probably saved my life!

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| March, 10 2020 | for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

We were in Croatia when I went into A-Fib and I was scared as can be. A few hours later from a hospital I had Dr. Jackie on the phone in the U.S. speaking To the doctor in the emergency Room. Once she heard my test results she took charge and told the doctor what she wanted done. Her instruction to me was get home as soon as possible. Her influence got me an appointment the next day at Saint Francis where I had an ablation done. I am certain if she didn’t step in I would not have gotten the same care in Croatia and definitely not have had an appointment the next morning at St Francis. My feeling is I might not have survived at all or if I did who knows what shape I would’ve been in. Dr. Jackie was in my case a life-saver!