Dr. Janna is fabulous.

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| November, 6 2017 | for Janna Massar, MD

My husband and I have moved around quite a bit during our lifetime and have had to leave behind some of our favorite doctors. So starting over and repeating our history has been tedious. When we moved to Plano, I was without health insurance and stumbled onto the MDVIP website and Dr. Janna. When I called to inquire if she was taking new patients, I was transferred directly to her. Imagine that.......a doctor taking your call! She explained the MDVIP concept and I was excited and joined immediately. Dr. Janna is fabulous and makes herself available whenever I need her. My wellness exam lasted over 2 hours as she explained what the results meant and what was needed to move forward for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Janna!!