Dr Karing, Me and my Mom

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| March, 12 2020 | for Michael Karing, MD

I’ve been a patient of Dr Karing for 20 some odd years, well before he established his MDVIP practice. He was a great Doctor before and with the MDVIP practice has been able to provide me with the same great care but with the added benefits of a concierge practice. And a whole lot more personal attention! In fact, I was so impressed with his concierge practice that I added my 88 year old Mom to his patient list. And as I suspected she is extremely happy with Dr Karing and her ability to reach out to him when she needs it. Of particular note is how Dr Karing cured her long time, nagging stomach issues with a holistic approach. Amazing! Dr Karing, thank you so much for caring for Me and my Mom. We love you and your practice and thank you for your sincere care.