Dr. Kleinhen is working to assure my health viability in my later years.

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| March, 14 2020 | for Ian D. Kleinhen, MD

As an 82 yr old in reasonably good health who only visited Dr Kleinhen about 3-4 times (incl 2 wellness visits) a year, 2019 was a new experience for me.

First, I was having bladder control issues that, after standard protocol procedures, Dr, Kleinhen scheduled me for an ultra sound which showed some bladder and kidney issues. Dr. Kleinhen immediately referred me to Dr. Bieniek at the Hartford Health Care Tallwood Men's Health Institute for consultation/examinations. Dr. Bieniek immediately recommended a T.U.R.P surgical procedure to assure long lasting function of the kidney/bladder system and to avoid serious consequences of future kidney infection (incl removal) and lack of bladder function necessitating daily catheterization. Surgery was successful.

Second, while recovering from the T.U.R.P procedure I was bitten by a tick and quickly exhibited chills, tremors and a 104 Deg temperature. Dr. Kleinhen immediately prescribed a blood test for Lyme disease and, before waiting for the test results, prescribed a Lyme disease antibiotic. Within a few days my symptoms were gone and, because the disease was treated quickly, none of the longer term debilitating effects appeared. Time was of the essence.

Third, I have been taking medication for high cholesterol for nearly 50 years with numbers always near the borderline. Dr. Kleinhen has decided to take a more aggressive approach especially following an ultra sound of my carotid artery that showed an abnormal build-up of plaque. He is following up with a prescription for a more powerful statin, glucose blood tests, genetic blood tests in conjunction with your Cleveland laboratory and other items which may be necessary depending on results from these tests. The objective is to ensure my healthy, longer life span.

I look forward to remaining under Dr. Kleinhen's care for many healthy years.