Dr Li Saved My Life

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| March, 12 2020 | for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

One morning I woke up with mild to moderate abdominal pain. I didnt think much of it because I was suffering with a lower back injury from a recent car accident and sometimes shooting pain radiated out to different areas of around my waist. In order to sooth the pain I took a hot bath. The pain didnt go away but got a little worse. I called Dr Li's office for an appointment expecting to be seen in a few days time. Evidently, Dr Li learned of my call and called me back five minutes later. Once I described my symptoms over the phone, Dr Li asked me to bend at the waist and rise slowly. He asked if the pain got worse. It did. Dr Li told me I had appendicitis and scheduled an immediate emergency surgery for me with a specialist at a nearby hospital. It turns out my appendix was ruptured. Had Dr Li not taken the initiative to call me back, diagnos the problem and arrange for immediate surgery, I would have waited the pain out for another day or two. I could have easily developed sepsis during the interim and died. Dr Li saved my life (over the phone no less!)