Dr. Lillian Cohn is worth every penny of a concierge practice!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Lillian E. Cohn, MD, FACP
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Dr. Lillian Cohn sees me a whole patient, not just looking at whatever health issue i go to see her about. Shortly after i started to see her, i had a few episodes of vertigo. I appreciated how she coordinated the various specialists i saw: sometimes making referrrals, sometimes interpreting what specialists said, sometimes providing me with questions to ask them. She has done that over and over again. I wish i she had been internist when i first dealt with fighting breast cancer 20 year ago.
I have confidence in her abilities to diagnose an issue. She is a good listener and never makes me feel bad for asking lots of questions. She always has a smile. i like that she is on the conservative said of prescribing meds but also reviewing with me all the meds that are prescribed by specialists and questioning why i continue to take them and the quantity. Again, she sees me as a whole patient.
She's the captain of my (health) team.
I keep a spiral notebook with notes of my visits with all my doctors. My visits with Dr Cohn often include questions i should ask of specialists, when i should return to her, but also recommendations for stores with sales and great shoes and eyeglasses and movies.
I am fortunate to be a patient in her practice and in her orbit.