Dr McMullin keeps me in the game

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| March, 12 2020 | for Deirdre McMullen, MD

I like many in my age group live with the constant knowledge that physically my best is behind me. Dr McMullin is the only Dr my wife and I have found understanding the ramifications of this mentality For years I have struggled with back issues and Specialists only too happy to attempt surgically addressing the problems. After 7 surgeries I was fortunate to visit Dr McMullin I immediately noticed that she was listening to me and most importantly hearing me. Thanks to that attitude I opened up and together we formed a plan of attack, long and short term solutions. Within a matter of weeks I began to feel better and in turn was able to do more than I have in years. Her openness and empathy feed my desire to be involved in my treatment like I’ve never been with other health care professionals. She’s given me a positive attitude that had disappeared earlier. One of the best things about her is she doesn’t have that ego problem many Doctors do. Dr McMullin has one obvious trait, she wants my wife and I to feel and be our best selves possible. Cannot say enough about how she’s changed my daily life and allowed me to focus on my businesses and friendships. We have complete trust in the way Dr McMullin stays current in the medical advances at the same time trusting the way I know how my body feels and reacts Thanks Dr McMullin for
literally changing the way I go about taking care of
myself and the amount of time you have invested
in my wife and myself.