Dr. Michael P. Johnson ~ Best doctor ever!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Michael P. Johnson, MD

Though I have many wonderful Dr. Johnson stories I will share just one. Two years ago my wife and I were on vacation. After day one of our trip I developed a very upset stomach. I went to see two different doctors, both ran a number of tests and both concluded that I must have some sort of food poisoning. When we returned home and I still was not feeling well I went to see Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson ordered a number of tests which still resulted in nothing conclusive. Two days later his office called and though they needed to pull a ton of strings they booked me an appointment to have a CT Scan on Saturday morning.
Jump to Sunday night, the day after the scan. My wife and I are asleep. The phone rings at 10:30 pm. My wife answers and it's Dr. Johnson. He tells her that he was looking at my scans from yesterday and though he was not sure what was going on he did not like the look of the scan. He asked us to go to the ER as soon as possible. I walked into the ER feeling fine and even the doctors at the hospital were a bit confused as to why I were there. Per Dr. Johnson requests they ran more tests and low and behold I had a nearly 4cm tumor in my colon. Colon cancer.
Now, two years out and I am in great health. I technically owe my life to the fabulous Dr. Johnson! Thank you.
P.S. I now live in North Carolina but I still keep Dr. Johnson as my primary doctor and fly up to Rhode Island to see him - he's that good.