Dr. Mike Monaco, Overland Park, Kansas

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| March, 10 2020 | for Michael E. Monaco, MD

Twenty plus years ago my daughter was in college and working in a clinic and I had complained that my doctor seemed to just come in, go back out, always in a hurry and didn't really take the time to evaluate, etc. Her suggestion was that I make a non-medical appointment with Mike Monaco. She thought that he and I would hit it off. Well, that may have been the best decision I ever made. At that first appointment he asked me why I had made the appointment and I explained that I was shopping for a doctor. My job did not allow me to plan an appointment weeks in advance, that I didn't come to the doctor for every little thing and that if I was in need of a doctor I needed him that day. I was looking for someone that would listen to my problem and not get up and run out of the room every two minutes. He smiled and said he thought he could accommodate those needs. So, twenty years later after what I consider excellent care in every way, I was in for my annual MDVIP physical and we agreed that my blood pressure needed a little more regulation and he made some changes. My insurance requires that any prescriptions needed over 30 days are required to go thru the mail order process. He sent the e-scripts but it fell over a holiday and I ran out of medication for three days. I went back to his office to get two or three days more samples until my Rx arrived by mail and just down the street from his office the left side of my face went numb. I had never read any of those pamphlets that I had been given as my family had no history of stroke or heart problems so what was the need. I told my wife about the numbness and she had no idea what was going on so I continued driving and about 20 blocks I told her that something was seriously wrong and headed for the exit ramp. At the bottom I needed to turn left and when I took my hand off the steering wheel to put on the turn signal my arm fell to my lap and I had no control of it. She kept telling me to pull over so she could drive but I was in the left lane and on green lights so I told her to hang on and she did. By the time we got back to his office parking lot I was dragging my left leg as we entered the building. When we walked into Dr. Mike's office I'm not really sure what all happened but I do know that everyone in that office was in action. I remember taking some aspirin and the nurse was running while pushing me in a wheel chair thru the tunnel into the ER at the hospital. So many things were happening so fast but seeing Dr. Mike's face among them gave me calm to know that I was in great hands. That was several months ago since my stroke. I have recovered almost 100%. I was in the right place at the right time and in the hands of the man and team who made the decisions that gave me my whole life back. When I tell others of this great man they can't believe that I have his personal phone number and can call him any time, day or night. There is no finer physician anywhere. I am so honored to have listened to my daughter so many years ago and met a wonderful, caring professional who made a commitment to a total stranger that he has honored to this day. I always enjoy seeing Dr. Mike and always cringe when I see him on the field during a Chief's football game but always know that those players are getting the very best care and advice that I do. My wife and I consider Dr. Mike the best of the best.