Dr. Morell always comes through for me

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| March, 19 2020 | for Ross J. Morell, DO
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Since Dr. Morrell has been part of the MDVIP program, he is available 24/7. I can communicate with him in several different ways. If it's just a question or a report, I can go right to the portal at MDVIP & shoot him an email. He always responds promptly. Other ways I've been in touch with him are via phone messages. He called me back while he was at a conference out of town. He was able to call in a script for me right then and there. He was able to treat me via long distance. He has always been there for me when my health situation has a flare up. The last experience I had, he instructed me to go to emergency
when I was out of town. Dr. M. communicated with the hospital staff.
He told them what tests he wanted run, & when the results came in, he instructed them as to how to treat me. I never would have gotten out of there if it weren't for Dr. M. So many times he's been there for me. And he also has the best bedside manner of any PCP I've ever known. He is caring and sincere. He always as solutions
to medical issues. He also practices holistic approaches to my wellness. I am so blessed to have Dr. M as my PCP. He's the best!