Dr. Morell is amazing

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| March, 10 2020 | for Ross J. Morell, DO

Several weeks ago we received a message from our 24 year old daughter, who is attending an Accelerated Nursing Program in Cincinnati, four hours from our home in Michigan, that her lips were swelling & beginning to tingle and a rash was spreading across her face & neck. She ended up in the Emergency room later that day being treated for an allergic reaction. After several hours in the ER she was released and within a few hours the condition reoccurred and she ended up back in the ER again. after several more hours she was released again with minimal follow up instructions from the ER team and within a few more hours it all started up again. I decided to contact Dr. Morell to ask for advice, at 6:30 on a Friday night. He called me back within less than an hour and after a few minutes of conversation about her condition he diagnosed this as a histamine outbreak of some sort. He next asked for the closest pharmacy to her location, which we located, and realized was set to close within less than 30 minutes. He called in three prescriptions for her and asked the pharmacist to remain open until she could get there. She started on the meds that night and within two days was showing remarkable improvement. He also suggested she set up an appointment with an allergist as soon as possible & on Tuesday she was told by the allergy team that they would have prescribed the exact three drug regiment Dr. Morell had prescribed and agreed 100% with his diagnosis. Dr. Morell called us a few days later to check on her progress, has asked about her each time I have spoken with him since & even asked to have her stop by his office, simply to meet her, which she did. Needless to say, she was as impressed with Dr. Morell as we are. He will be my doctor until the day he retires. Thank you doctor Morell, and your staff, for being there for us- You are the BEST!!!