Dr. Morell retirement is out of the question !

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| March, 10 2020 | for Ross J. Morell, DO

My wife and I regard Dr. Morell as much as a friend as well as being our family doctor for many years.
I recently suspected that I had shingles and read that there was an opportunity to reduce the risk of the severity if medication was started within the initial 72 hour period. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had the first symptoms 48 hours earlier.
I called the doctor, who saw me within an hour and was receiving medication within 2 hours. Dr. Morrell’s prompt response insured that the shingles were cleared up within 10 days. I have heard some “horror stories” regarding shingles and will be forever grateful for Dr. Morrell’s urgent treatment.
The doctor also followed up to insure that my eyesight was not endangered and called to check my progress. I cannot say enough to compliment Dr. Morell and MDVIP.