Dr. Neibaur is the best!

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| February, 11 2024 | for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

We have both been with Dr. Neibaur for around 30 years now. I cannot write about a particular occurrence, because its not just one problem that he has handled, its a slew of them over the years. He happens to be a very good diagnostician. Docs easy going manner is part of what makes him so great. And being with MDVIP is great. Yes, it does cost a fair amount every year, but I'm thinking the docs who join MDVIP, like Dr. Neibaur. have most likely put in their years being a regular doctor with a roster of patients far beyond what they can give a decent amount of time to. Concierge service is expanding exponentially here in America. Our daughter who is an APRN-FNP is also mulling over the idea of becoming a concierge service provider. But I digress. We just plain think very highly of Dr. Russell Neibaur, and will be very sad if he retires in our lifetime!