Dr. O’Connor is the very best, we feel he is a part of our family.

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| March, 1 2018 | for John P. O'Connor, MD

When we were moving from Port Washington to Riverhead our long time friend and doctor said he would find us a doctor in the area. He found John OConnor.
From day one my husband and I felt a wonderful connection to this caring young man. He has been with us when Tom had a heart attack and with me for every medical trial I experienced. My story is this. For over fifteen years I suffered from stomach issues. Every meal I ate caused me to run to the bathroom. I went to several doctors over the years and received many diagnosis. IBS allergic reaction to foods. I was medicated and the symptoms subsided but when I finished the medicines they returned. One day I happened to be seeing Dr. OConnor for another reason and I mentioned to him that I was living with this problem and had just accepted it. He asked me to bear with him and we would get to the bottom of it. He sent me for tests ones I did not already have. We it ended up being my gall bladder. After all those years of specialists how simple was that. In 2008 a year after we moved out East I had my gall bladder removed and the pathology report revealed many years of undetected diseased and disfunctional gall bladder. I could have developed cancer in my abdomen but thanks to John and his amazing diagnostic skills I am fine and able to go out to restaurants to eat. Dr. OConnor is the very best, we feel he is a part of our family.