Dr. P. Feldan never fails to help us

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| March, 13 2020 | for Paul Feldan, MD

We have known Dr. Feldan for 27 years. He has helped us with all of our concerns whether they are small or big he always gets back to me to get me through a concern I have for myself or my husband. He does not wait for days to get back he gets to me in the same day I asked. When I am waiting for test results or waiting for an answer that I need answered he is there. When I am in his office he never rushes me through the visit. He listens and never makes me or my husband feel like we are going overboard on anything. When I visit his office even if it is just to talk to get me in a better place he listens and calms me down. If it is a concern we have he takes it seriously. We feel like he is family and we are so blessed to have him in our lives and corner. My daughter lives with us she could not get her Doctor so I decided to call Dr. Feldan for advice. He could have told me she is not my patient he did not say that. He advised me to contact her Doctor as soon as possible as she needs to be seen right away. When my husband had surgery and could hardly walk Dr. Feldan came to our home to see him to make sure he was OK. If there is a concern I have and he feels it is out of his expertise he will guide me on who to see and follows up on what happened.. Dr. Feldan is a kind, super intelligent, caring Doctor. There are not enough words to praise him. Again we are blessed to have him in our lives he is like family to us and we respect him so much. We want to move as we are retired but no way will we be far from Dr. Feldan. To use words that another patient wrote about her Doctor please Dr. Feldan do not retire. I feel I would never ever find a Doctor like Dr. Feldan.