Dr. Paul Smith Keeps Me Alive

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| March, 12 2020 | for Paul R. Smith, MD

Dr. Paul Smith will not shake your hand! And even in that practice, he is teaching us how to be health and stay alive. As we are being reminded with the COVID-19 virus, shaking hands is not a health practice. At the same time, he “touches” my life regularly and personally. He always takes time for me - whether in the office or on the phone. We have texted photos of skin rashes from our motorhome in the middle of nowhere and gotten a prescription in the next town. He responded from his laptop once in Vietnam. He has taught us how to cook healthy. He came to my athletic trainer and created a session for his patients on movement. A little bit of staying alive longer has to be a result of the confidence he gives me. I am glad he is a part of my life and that he is young enough to be around for most of what time I have left. And he is a Nevada Wolf Pack Basketball fan! What else do I need to say! Sincerely, Chuck