Dr Poturalski To The Rescue

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| March, 13 2020 | for Angelique Poturalski, MD

I first met Dr. Poturalski (a/k/a “Dr. Angie”) in late November of 2019. My primary care physician had decided to move to Dubai, and he made arrangements for Dr. Angie to take over his Colorado practice and patients. Our first appointment in November was to be a meet and greet with no long term commitment. I had been feeling a little “off” but had avoided seeing my doctor because he was moving. Dr. Angie recommended a blood test to check things out. I had the blood drawn a couple days later, and the next day I got a call from Dr. Angie. She told me that the lab report showed a significant problem with my kidney function, and she wanted me to go to a hospital ER as soon as possible. Since my wife was not at home, Dr. Angie asked that I have her call the doctor as soon as possible. An hour later I was being treated at the SkyRidge ER. Dr. Angie had called the hospital,and they were expecting me. I was told that I was in kidney failure, and several treatment options were discussed, including dialysis.After 4 days in ICU and 3 more days of hospital care, with a lot of IV treatment, my kidneys returned to normal and I was discharged to a rehab facility. All of that is now behind me, and I’m feeling fine and extremely lucky to have found a new doctor. I’m quite certain that Dr. Angie saved my life, and she earned the gratitude and respect of not only me but also my wife, our 3 kids and 5 grandkids.