Dr. Russell Neibaur-Our Personal Lifeline

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Dennis and Margaret
| January, 31 2024 | for Russell N. Neibaur, MD

Our names are Dennis M. Duray, age 85, and Margaret A. Duray, age 84 (85 in 10 days)
We have been a patient of Dr. Russell Neibaur for over 20 years. We were his patients before he joined MDVIP. We worried when he announced becoming a Concierge Doctor that he would be limiting his gifts as a doctor to only those who could afford him. His answer was he wanted to make a difference and treat patients for their needs, and not have to do it in 15 minutes or less. We can attest to the fact he remains committed to his goal. Instead of waiting 2 hours in a crowded waiting room and only seeing the doctor for 15 minutes, we are seen promptly-within a few minutes of our arrival for our appointment.. After seeing Dr. Neibaur we walk out with all of our medical issues addressed. We can discuss anything with him even if our daily lives contributed to our issues, he understands because he takes the time to listen. We have a personal relationship of trust in his ability to diagnose our problem, solve it, or refer us to a proper specialist. He makes sure the specialist sees us in a timely manner and follows up with us with the results, either by office appointment or a personal call.

He has always had a loyal and very loving and caring staff. Going into his office like catching up friends. When calling the office, they recognize our voice and call us by name. If they can help with the issue they handle it then and there or get back to us or the doctor will call back at the end of the day, unless it is an emergency, in which case he gets on the phone immediately. Dr. Neibaur has never left us waiting for his call back.

As one could imagine, living to our age, we have many milestone or moments that matter as relates to our well being because of Dr. Neibaur's care. Dr. Neibaur has made a great contribution in keeping us healthy so we can enjoy our 8 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Besides his remarkable ability to diagnose conditions, manage our medications, track our yearly progress and make adjustments, and his listening skills , he has given us his personal cell number so we always know he is only a phone call away. We hoped to never have to use it but did on a few occasions to mention a few. (1) He has walked us through a TIA on the freeway during a life threatening time for Dennis. (2) He taken a call while four wheeling in the desert with his wife. (3) He has taken a call on Christmas Eve when I had a red line going up my arm for no apparent reason. There are no words to express how important and comforting hearing his voice was.

Our faith and trust in Dr. Neibaur is unfailing. He has never let us down. Our lives are more secure because of his sincere, caring ways. We would be willing to give him a National Doctor's Award every day.