Dr. Scoles is the BEST!!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Dr. Scoles has certainly made a positive difference in my life. I know that he really cares about me, as well as all his patients, and that means a lot to me. He really listens when I talk to him, and he answers my questions without making me feel foolish for asking them. Because I care about my health and want to please him, I really try to make healthy choices in the foods I choose so that my test results and weight will be good. He gives very thorough exams and doesn't "gloss over" any complaints I have. He spends plenty of time with me at each appointment; he doesn't try to hurry out of the room. When he diagnoses an illness I have, I have such faith that it is the correct one because he just doesn't miss. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Scoles, as well as his entire staff. I am so happy that he is my doctor!