Dr. Scoles' office sets good example to the human race.

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| March, 6 2018 | for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

I am glad and thankful Dr. Scoles is my doctor because of his sincere care, which has a deep foundation in his love of God. I feel I get more than just excellent scientific perspective on healing. DGM

And I appreciate the personal care, prompt replies, very efficient staff and lack of waiting one finds in todays modern medicine.

In comparison, when going to the Universitys medical system, you wait..to check in, for the doctor, for the nurse, dealing with a dozen different polite but robotic uncaring people who are trained to do only one job. One issue is treated per visit...so you came down with toenail fungus while waiting for your appointment...so what.. make a new appointment with a new doctor.... this is the game and another entire day if not days, is wasted as costs mount exponentially. If you have to call back in, forget it..you will never reach the doctor and it may be days before someone calls you back, if they even do so. Doctors spend their patient time looking into computers and typing into them, seldom even facing the patient or looking into their eyes to make human contact. If you try to express your concerns, you get electronic calls wanting you to do a survey on your visit....so no human ever listens or corrects the issues that they have caused.

Dr. Scoles office is always available, no matter what. Dr. Scoles treats people like doctors did when I was young...promptly, and for all your issues. His staff quickly does the rest...like staff used to before health insurance took over and computers took over lives. Doctors livelihood depended on on how they treated people back then, but they were also genuinely interested in peoples health, not in how much money they could make in a day.

I will always be grateful he diagnosed my issues as he looked at me as a complete biological system-spirited person, not as a body divided up into sections as had been my modern medical experience before.

It is good to have the touch of what is rapidly becoming old-fashioned human-ness, mixed with current medical knowledge in charge of my medical health.... such a rare thing in the United States today, but hopefully, is the wave of the future.

Dr. Scoles' office sets good example to the human race.