Dr. Scott Yager saved my moms’ life

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| February, 12 2024 | for Scott Yager, MD
Image provided by: Marie

My mom is 93 years old and any time I needed to call him he always answered me promptly and together we always made the best decision for my mom’s health.
One day my mom’s Blood Pressure and oxygen level dropped dangerously low she couldn’t walk. Dr Yager sent her to the ER. She had also fallen out of bed because of her weakened state. The ER docs and nurses reacted fast and worked on her rapidly and brought her vital signs up to a decent level and eventually stabilized her. During this traumatic event my head was spinning to make all the right decisions for my mom’s serious condition. Dr Yager guided me every step of the way: directed me through this hospitalization and advised me of all moms needs would be and services she needed. If it wasn’t for the efficiency and prompt answers and putting all the wheels in motion mom may not have had such a good outcome. I am eternally grateful for Doctor Yager’s care and compassion.