Dr. Stapleton, You are the best doctor I’ve ever had !

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| March, 4 2020 | for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD
Image provided by: Patricia

I am most grateful for so many reasons since you became my primary care physician following a traumatic emergency lifesaving surgery five years ago. Thankful for your ongoing excellent health care, your approach to inspiring wellness with care and concern for the whole person, for involving me in making decisions regarding my health, as well as your emphasis to enjoy continued emotional connection with people . I am blessed to have loving family and friends, also grateful for fulfillment of personal creative outlets , all of which provide me with a happy lifestyle! During the years following my first appointment with you, my focus has been directed not only on being well, but spending active time with family and friends, prevailing in the art field with continued art instruction, weekly painting sessions with friendship group and social time afterwards, completing workshops with accomplished artists, developing my art website, and remaining active in art guilds, exhibiting and working in a gallery. You have, indeed, motivated me to effect positive changes in going forward. You are the BEST doctor I’ve ever had. Thank you wholeheartedly for being my doctor and a friendly confidante!