Dr. Ted Li — a life saver and a career inspirer

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| March, 12 2020 | for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

Dr. Li has been my husband’s and my primary physician since the 1990’s. I believe he saved my husband’s life. When my husband, a thin and fit person, was 48 he developed unusual symptoms that specialists ascribed to stomach problems. Dr. LI evaluated his status and the reports and said: “No. I believe this is cardiovascular.” Within a week, my husband had a double bypass. He is now 71, and although there are no guarantees, he is extraordinarily healthy. He runs 3-4 miles a day, several times a week. He is committed to a low-fat, Mediterranean diet. He is on a statin, etc. Dr. Li’s careful initial evaluation saved him from a damaging heart attack and may have saved his life. Dr. LI’s good care and wise advice since then have contributed to my husband’s decades-long good health. To say we are grateful does not adequately express our feelings. Also, as our daughter was growing up, she interacted with Dr. Li for medical evaluation and advice a number of times. From our comments about him and her experience, she was so impressed. She found him to be so bright and an extraordinary good listener. As a result of these interactions and her contact with several other physicians (ED physicians) in summer jobs, she decided to become a physician. Today she is an infectious disease physician, and following in the path of Dr. Li and her ED mentors, she too saves lives. How cool is that!

Bottom line: Dr. Li is an extraordinary physician and a fine man. We’ve been so lucky to have him care for us.