Dr Ted Li saved my life.

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| March, 22 2023 | for Theodore C.M. Li, MD
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I'm 75 now and my wife and I have been patients of Dr. Li for the last 25 years. We have always marveled at his thoroughness and his hands-on approach caring for his patients, and that he's always just a phone call away even on vacation in Hawaii or India.

In the fall of 2020 at my annual physical, Dr. Li suggested I was due for a colonoscopy. I told him that I had my last one 5 years before and my gastroenterologist had given me a clean bill of health and recommended I repeat it in 7 years. Dr. Li disagreed and emphatically suggested that it should be repeated sooner.

I procrastinated, but when the time came to schedule my next physical I was embarrassed at the prospect of seeing Dr. Li and telling him I had ignored his advice. I scheduled my colonoscopy, and to my surprise a cancerous tumor was discovered in my colon. 2 weeks later it was removed laparoscopically.
A year and a half later I'm enjoying good health and my life. Thank you, Dr Li.