Dr. Theresa Vicroy

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| March, 14 2020 | for Theresa Vicroy, MD

Dr. Theresa Vicroy is an awesome doctor. We can always depend on her when we are having any problems. Dr. Vicroy also co-ordinates all our visits with other specialist she may need to send us to. We feel safe knowing she is conversing with each doctor we see. Dr. Vicroy also calls us at home to check on us to be sure we are getting better. One of the special things about her is that even when we are well sometimes she just calls to say hello and ask how we are doing. You really feel that your doctor cares about you when she does things like that.
Dr. Vicroy you have been a true blessing to both Michael and I. God is good. He led us to the best doctor. May God watch over you and your family each and every day. May God take just as good a care of you as you have of us.
Even the other doctors and nurses say how you really care about your patients. We can attest to that. You deserve to have this day of recognition. You are the best.