Dr Thompson Changed My Life

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| March, 16 2020 | for Kevin C Thompson, MD

It was approximately 5 years ago and I was 5' 8" and weighed 223lbs and was not regularly seeing a doctor. I was not looking forward to going to my appointment because I knew I was overweight and did not want to hear it. Dr. Thompson tactfully approached the subject and provided me with a recommendation to start exercising. Specifically that at my age I needed to get my heart pumping and get some cardio. I left his office and bought a pair of running shoes and started to run and walk (more walk in the beginning). My goal was to try and run every day knowing that there would be days that I would not feel like it or be able to due to schedule or illness. So I started running every morning and have not stopped since. I do not miss days but if I do then I run a double to catch up. I got down to 160 lbs and have kept it off. He really inspired me to achieve the results I have and I am forever grateful. In the years I have been under his care he has been very supportive with advice as well as health care for both my daughter and I. He is extremely easy to talk with and genuinely cares for his patients. Thank You Dr. Thompson!!