Dr Tifft--please don't retire

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| March, 10 2020 | for Charles P. Tifft, MD, FAHA

I have a patient/ physician relationship with Dr. Tifft that I could never even imagine! no matter what issue I have--posion ivy to needing heart specialists, Dr. Tifft addresses my concerns as if I were a family member, he always has my concerns at the forefront of his mind. he always asks about how my life is going, asks about my family and gives me down to earth practical suggestions on how to manage my health. Access to Dr Tifft is off the charts--if I call, I get to talk to him immediately or in short order. He follows up with phone calls and notes. I believe the MDVIP allows him the opportunity to treat his patient rather than manage treatment according to insurance. He's a great doctor with some incredibly interesting stories that I always like to hear.