Dr. Vikki Bralow SAVED MY LIFE!

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| March, 30 2020 | for Vicki Bralow, DO
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The first time I went to see Dr. Bralow I knew that she would be able to make the difference with me that needed to be made. I had anxiety and had already lost 30 lbs. by the time I had my first visit with Dr. Bralow and was only sleeping 3-5 hours on a good night. A lot of nights I was awake around the clock. I had racing thoughts and was extremely tired. I was truly worried, sad and afraid of everything and everybody. I wasn’t sure how or if I would ever regain my mental, physical or emotional health. I honestly didn’t want to be on the planet anymore!!!! Visits with Dr. Bralow were not only me talking and her listening, but I sensed her deep loving and compassionate, non-judgement nature. She’s like a mother or a best friend. I must have texted Dr. Bralow 20 times every day and she answered every one of my texts in a timely fashion with great compassion. Dr. Bralow mentioned an anti-anxiety medication which I was totally against, but after asking her questions and doing some research, I thought I would try it. Within 5 weeks I began to experience living life in a way that was beyond my wildest dreams!!! Now I’m very calm and gained back the 30lbs that I lost, I’m sleeping all night. I downsized and moved to a smaller house. Im happy. Im exercising daily. Im able to be with and enjoy my family. I’ve tapped into my creativity and have started a business making signature soups!!!! I’m alive with power, freedom, full self expression and peace of mind. Not only does Dr. Bralow have the patience of a saint, but I believe she truly saved my life! Dr. Bralow is an Earth Angel! Love, Light, Peace Kind Regards.