Dr. Weisbrot saved my husband's life!

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| January, 18 2024 | for Albert Weisbrot, MD, FAAFP

My husband was going over a physical with Dr. Weisbrot 5 years ago. Everything looked good, but in hearing my husband say he was more tired when walking the golf course, he sent him for a stress test. Dr. Weisbrot is very interested in heart health. My husband failed the stress test, and went right to Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, to find out he needed a double bypass! If no intervention was made, the symptoms were not that obvious he was headed for a heart attack soon!

After that, I became a patient of Dr. Weisbrot's as well! He listens, and cares about each patient. You always feel good, no matter what, when you leave his office. Very glad we both are under the care of this amazing physician!!!