Dr. Wong, on the other hand, is remarkable. Her

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| February, 18 2019 | for Lisa L. Wong, MD, FACP

It has been 1 year since I joined Dr. Lisa Wong as an MDVIP affiliated doctor. My experience has provided access as well as a sense of security. I have adult-onset asthma, which kicks in when I catch a cold. Dr. Wong prescribed the necessary meds and treatments. Still didn't feel well at Christmas. Went to an urgent care facility, was treated with meds. I emailed Dr. Wong just to update her, not realizing that she was out of town for the holidays. She called me, made arrangements for me to get a chest x-ray at a nearby hospital. She went above and beyond what I ever expected. My results were, as Doctors say, unremarkable. Dr. Wong, on the other hand, is remarkable. Her attentiveness, competence and compassion are indicators of why I choose to remain under her watchful care.