Dr. Woods took a more proactive approach

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| March, 13 2018 | for Timothy A. Woods, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Woods for 18 years and not once have I regretted my choice. His responsiveness to my concerns have made a tremendous difference in finding health problems before they reach a more critical stage. Recently I complained about a side pain and although a specialist who was monitoring my arterial issues dismissed my concerns as being relevant to my kidney arteries which had stents inserted 7 years prior, Dr. Woods took a more proactive approach setting up a scan of the arteries which revealed clogging in both kidney arteries. This resulted in the specialist doing an internal exam which revealed that not only was there blockage in both but one could not cleared thus now resulting with my having only one working kidney. But for Dr. Woods openness to listening to his patients the future out come clearly would be worst but he immediately set me up with a nephrologist to ensure that I get the future medical oversight I may need.