Dr. Woods you can never retire before I no longer need medical care

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| March, 17 2020 | for Timothy A. Woods, MD

Dr. Woods is one of the most compassionate and capable physician I have ever had. He is responsive to my concerns and never makes me feel that I am being rushed through my visit. Best of all, no matter whether I have taken a test directed by his referral or from a specialist I can be assured if he has received the outcome I will get a call even after office hours, often late in the evening.
I can never say enough about Dr. Woods, last year when I kept asking my vascular doctor to authorize a test for my kidney arteries, which already had stents and he kept saying everything was fine and a test wasn’t necessary, I talked to Dr. Woods and he authorized a test which indicated that indeed my right stent was clogged. With this information the vascular doctor relented and did a more comprehensive test and did indeed confirm it was clogged to the point that intervention was no longer possible. The only good news was that my left artery was still patent. Had Dr. Woods not initiated the first test I probably would have ultimately ended with both arteries clogged and I would have to go on dialysis. He referred me to a good nephrologist and I am now receiving the follow up care I need.
Now you see why I think the world of my doctor, Dr. Woods