At the end of my rope and my life

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| March, 24 2022 | for Samantha H. Goodman, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Goodman for over two years

I heard about Dr.Goodman through my counselor. Sure I was a little taken back by the fee initially but decided it was worth my time to meet with her for a face to face meeting.
The first question I ask her had she ever fired a patient. That was my way of telling her I could be a difficult patient and that my condition is a deep and wide illness. That requires a great deal of attention. Her response was no.
I have seen doctors all over the USA. From Houston medical center, Mayo Clinic, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Vail Colorado.
I decided to pay the fee and see how things would go.
As I said, I am a difficult patient and can be very overbearing without really knowing it at the time. Dr. Goodman was very patient with me and did not get upset at me during those times.
I am dealing with unbelievable pain that at times has kept me up over 5 days with absolutely no sleep at all. When I first Dr. Goodman I was suicidal to the point of having all my details worked out. By the grace of God I found her just in time.
My pain has not gone away from me but it is at a level that I am able to manage the pain and lead somewhat of a functional life instead of being bedridden most days.
Dr. Goodman listens to me and is extremely patient. She responds to my text messages during the same day.
I could continue but I think I have made my point. Anyone who wants or needs more than 15 minutes with your doctor should ,without hesitation, consider Dr. Goodman and the fee. It has been one of the best decision I have made in my life.

In summary, I could have started this review with DR. GOODMAN SAVED MY LIFE. ( full stop) even though at the time I was not sure I wanted my life to be saved.
People in this area of the country are truly blessed to have her in our community.

If you are struggling with major illnesses Dr. Goodman’s practice is well worth your time to consider.