Extraordinary Doctor- Trina Frankel

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| March, 11 2020 | for Trina Kapoor Frankel, DO
Image provided by: Renee

I’ll never be able to say enough to totally express my gratitude for this extraordinary human being. Dr. Frankel was caring for my entire family prior to joining MDVIP. I’ll never forget the day she broke the news to me that she was leaving the practice. Dr. Frankel gave me a heartfelt/professional detailed explanation as to why her decision was necessary and final; which could have been a National Speech for the importance of receiving “complete” health care in all countries. Although, I totally agreed with her I literally “cried” because it meant that she and I would be separating. Don’t even mention anxiety at this point. When I tell you that I love my dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor to include her staff feels like an understatement on my part. The outcome from her office is always above and beyond with any issue and/or task for their patients. Thank you Dr. Frankel for your excellent listening skills, caring attitude and incredible bedside manner. Just know where ever you lead we’ll forever follow. You are the “MOLD”. There is no other. I thank GOD for you. Happy National Doctor’s Day and everyday. Please don’t forget her staff because their the best team ever. You make the world truly a better place.