Fantastic doctor!

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| March, 15 2020 | for Maria S. Blahey, MD

I first met Dr. Blahey when I was working at the local hospital. I was so impressed with her interactions with her patients and families that I asked her if she was taking patients. She said "Yes" which has led to the most awesome relationship I've ever had with a doctor. Dr. Blahey listens and shows interest in every aspect of my life. I am totally comfortable taking with her about anything. She asks my opinion and gives me options for treatments for any condition I present with. She has even texted me or called to see how I am doing. She has an amazing staff too. Tonya and Jessica are always available by phone. Rarely do I have to leave a message, they usually answer their calls immediately. If I do have to leave a message one or the other calls me back promptly. This is the most satisfied feeling I've ever had dealing with doctors and I've dealt with many over my many years as an RN (now retired). I feel like my opinion it's valued and she is more than a doctor, she's a friend.