Filling Some Very Big Shoes

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| March, 15 2020 | for Jackie P. Orfanos, MD

I had never had a doctor who could capably oversee all of my medical care. I started with MD VIP 12 years ago after being very sick. At the time, a physician and family friend swooped in and managed my healthcare and finally got me on the road to good health. I promised never to go see another doctor without his knowledge, get him a copy of any tests and most importantly NEVER take a medication prescribed by another doctor without telling him. The relationship grew and was so positive he had carved out a path for me to stay healthy. Well as with everything in life we take things for granted. I walked in the office one day about 4 years ago to hear these dreaded words, "I am retiring". Needless to say I was devastated. My friend introduced me to Dr. Jackie Orfanos. A lady doctor no less. My mind wondered to what would my first full physical be like. I am after all a male chauvinist. The first full year with Dr. Jackie was a feeling out period as I am sure you can all imagine. When she asked me about my other doctors, cardiologist etc. I explained I didn't have one. I not only needed but expected her to manage my healthcare. I would only go see a specialist if she recommended (insisted) I go see them. It has taken a while but I MUST say I trust her implicitly. Dr. Jackie Orfanos is a wonderful doctor. She is thorough. She will test twice before just throwing a new medicine at me. When I see her from the moment I come through the door I am greeted by Eileen, Jackie or Christy It just helps you feel right. Dr. Orfanos is a wonderful doctor and person. I think the highest praise you can give is that by having her as my doctor is I trust her with my life!!! I don't think you can say more than that.