Going above and beyond

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| March, 12 2020 | for J. Frank Martin Jr., MD

I met Dr. Frank Martin Jr. with no intention of moving to him being my primary care physician. He handled my fathers rare and unfortunate disease with compassion and dignity. He was with my father until he passed and approached him as a person; not just another patient ; with a holistic approach to him medically, personally and spiritually. His bedside manner is unmatched.

My switch to Dr. Martin came out of necessity.

My job required an enormous amount of travel overseas in Asia/ Pacific, Europe, India, Africa, and islands across the Pacific working in business development. This of course required detailed paperwork, specific immunizations, and proactive treatment.

I saw my prior care physician before these trips to to take appropriate and required measures. They spent approximately three minutes per visit and would always ask every time ... “What is it you do again?”.

You left feeling like a number.

The doctor didn’t know you or the conditions you would or could be facing.

After the twelfth time of being asked this... I had enough.

This is when I turned to Dr. Martin.

He continues to be on top of a patient care, knowing what to do and best options for his patients wellness. Above all he listens with respect and genuine respect. He has stepped in and gone above and beyond in explaining and following up all realms of caring for the individual. Since then I’ve never felt like a number. I have a care team that is involved in all aspects of my health and wellness journey.