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| March, 31 2024 | for Anthony L. Luciano, MD

There have been many times throughout the years of my husband’s and my association with Dr. Anthony Luciano when he went above and beyond the normal scope of patient/physician care. The one that’s foremost in my mind occurred after my husband’s diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis. After tests confirmed the rare condition, Dr. Luciano met with us in his office, outside of office hours, and spent an hour and a half explaining the disease and the possibilities and probabilities after all test results were confirmed. He has worked every step of the way with the doctors who treat my husband and is always available to us for questions and concerns. My first interaction with Dr. Luciano occurred over 30 years ago. My mother who lived in Florida was diagnosed with lung cancer and I brought her to New York for further tests and treatment. I didn’t know a doctor at that time and asked a nurse friend for advice. She told me that a lot of the nurses at her hospital used Dr. Luciano.. I’ll never forget the truly loving care, kindness and compassion that Dr. Luciano showed my mother through her final days. Those qualities are the same ones my husband and I have the good fortune to experience in our own dealings with this exceptional physician.