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Ken and Marcia
| December, 29 2020 | for Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

We had a bit of a scare today when an extended relative who was about to come to our home, learned she was possibly exposed secondhandedly to covid. We called Dr. Spencer's office and asked for their advice. He set aside an appointment time for them to come to get the rapid test. Dr. Phillips himself met them outside at their car and administered the test. What an amazing gesture of kindness and medical care, way beyond expectations! And they both tested negative, thankfully!
Once again, we are so grateful to Dr. Phillips and his whole dedicated, and caring staff.
If you are considering become a VIP user, please strongly consider just what it means to be assured of expert, timely, and caring service from an MDVIP provider....but just remember, ours is just the very best!!