he is one exceptional physician.

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| August, 1 2017 | for Spencer Phillips, MD, FAAFP

I am writing to apprise you of an outstanding and wonderful service that Dr. Phillips provided to my family. My 100 year old mother in law, who lives out of town, was staying with us while recovering from an illness. She had a band aid that remained after an IV that was causing discomfort and skin discoloration on her arm. I was concerned that removing it would cause her skin to be lifted and further exacerbate the problem. I called Dr. P at 4:30 on Friday and asked if I could bring her to his office that evening or Saturday. He said he would be down within the hour to treat her. We live on a farm that is a good 12 miles from his office. He chatted with her for a bit and easily remedied the problem. I am not surprised at Dr. Phillips' response because as I have often noted and observed he is one exceptional physician, but more importantly a better man. Kudos to the MDVIP organization for allowing someone like Dr. Phillips to exhibit both his exceptional character and medical skills. Although, if I was truly honest, I would note that when he was in his private practice he would have responded the same way