His decision to join MDVIP was the best decision ever.

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| March, 18 2018 | for Edwin R. Duppstadt, MD, DABFM

In 2001, an extended-family emergency occurred, and our family was not established with a primary care physician. Needing to drive long hours, we had to see a doctor that same day. After calling everyone on our ins plan, Dr Duppstadt's office was the only one who would help us. He has been our doctor ever since, for the last 17 years. When his practice was suddenly too large, due to no fault of his, we were saddened to not be able to readily see him. His decision to join MDVIP was the best decision ever. We got our family doctor back! I quickly realized what a privilege it is to have him as our doctor. Being a medical office employee myself, a major concern in choosing a doctor is the staff he hires. Dr Duppstadt's staff has always been the utmost professional. This means the world to me. It has also been a privilege to know Kathy Hoffman. She is the most compassionate nurse I've ever known. In conclusion, there is no other doctor that I would trust our lives to, than Dr Edwin Duppstadt!!! To him I say, please take care of yourself, and always be proud of all your accomplishments.